creativity48: A good woman looking for a good man.
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Felton, Pennsylvania
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Dec 2018

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I hate talking about myself, but here goes. I am a mom, sister, friend and family member. I am a homebody but love to get out a while. I am shy at first but I love people. Well most people! lol I do not like negativity, I hate liars and cheaters. I have goals and dreams,
I like doing all sorts of crafts, refinishing and up-cycling furniture. I like to read as much as I can. I like doing puzzles, going to the movies, camping, fishing, day trips, long drives to no where. I Like Flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. I love to laugh and make others laugh and smile. I like all kinds of music, except opera, heavy metal or heavy rap. Yes I love Elvis and 50 cent. lol. I am a true friend. Loyalty is important to me.
I like people who are upfront and honest.
I would like to meet someone who is trustworthy and honest. if you don't have time to date then don't pursue me. I want someone who can tell me what he wants and does not talk in riddles. if you want to know something... ask. If you want to see me... invite, If there is something on your mind...say it. I do like a man that can be honest with his feelings.
If you are working over seas, on a ship some where or are eventually going to ask for money or an i tunes card.. don't bother. I have heard all the lines and really don't want my time wasted.
I don't mean to sound like a Biatch... I am not really but there are so many players and scam artist out there. And I have been through enough that I can spot one three sentences in to a conversation.
I do like to go places and hang out. Get to know someone, become friends... if it goes somewhere great! if not then I made a new friend.
I can cook, and grill and even start a camp fire. I know I actually know how to navigate through life. lol
I am real and down to earth.
I am strong and independent, but i would like that strong shoulder to lean on every once in a while.
So if you would like to get to know me just message me.
oh and if you don't have a pic on your profile, please don't approach...its just a little sketchy if you ask me.
I dont have meeting me so please message if interested.

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