OMGLogan99: Trying 2 DODGE ALL YOU POF FRAUDS!?????????
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Sobre Miss Jackson 4 now and not bc Im nasty
Hey POF!! So, I am NOT NEW to this site, but definitely NEW to being a SINGLE mother of a 2 1/2 year old little boy, With that being said... ALL of my time is Valuable bc It Belongs to my son, PERIOD!! But I love to hang out, socialize w/ good company with good food, and drinks ... I love to cook, entertain, and be wined & dined. I AM A KNOWN SOCIALITE. I Bartend/Host parties & events.

My interest: A SINGLE Man ,with NO FEMALE DRAMA, No INSECURITY ISSUES, No STALKER TENDANCIES . A man that doesn't have CONTROL ISSUES, Have tantrums or think I'm supposed to throw my child off on just ANYONE TO HANG OUT W/ YOU and all you can afford to offer is "Netflix & Chill in your mama's/cousin/uncle/aunt basement ( No judgement, but as a MAN, unless you are taking care of them due health issues, etc Aman over 20 that's not in college should be in his own)... I'm just getting back in to the dating scene which is kind of hard bc I dont want every Tom,**** or Harry around my child. I don't like to be RUSHED into ANYTHING (relationship, meet ups, or giving out my number). If Im feeling you, then there is NO NEED to pressure me OR RUSH THINGS. Just trust the Process!!!

Ugggh and Guys.... When you're not Single and your girl/wife/baby mama/ many side chicks call/text my phone it's NOT a good look.
Look... if you come at me w/ the "I'm the one, you haven't given the right man a chance" and you don't last longer then ...???? a week... Cash App my son $20 for wasting our time! ??????

Ps.. Just bc I respond doesn't mean I'm interested, just being courteous, polite and conversing as humans???????... If I don't respond right a way, probably means my inbox is WAY Too Full.

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
Don't even message me if you haven't even read my profile. For starters..Don't ask me simple questions that I've probably already answered in my profile...if you read it, then you'd know...
Ok, this is ANNOYING 2 me: If someone ask "Where are you FROM" that means where you originally from or birthed not where you currently live or reside!!! So of you inquire where I lay my head Ask just that... Where do you live or where do you call home!!

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