cadlej: We'll just lie and said we met in Vegas ;
Frequentemente com Normal tipo físico
Alexandria, Virginia
37 year old Mulher, 157cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana, Virgem
cadlej buscando um relacionamento sério.
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Estado Civil Solteiro(a) Usa drogas? Não
Cor de Cabelo Misto Cor dos Olhos Azul
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Sobre Jessica
I'm a very friendly down to earth kind of girl. I'm also a hopeless romantic. my amazing family, my best friends, people that have made impressions in my life, people that make me laugh, being wild, rain on Sundays, kisses on my forehead, finding money in my pocket, being real, warm clothes out of the dryer, smell of fresh cut grass, knowing someone loves me, knowing I can trust someone, when people understand, butterfly kisses :), people who aren't fake, when leaves change colors,looking at the stars, sweet memories, gentle breezes on summer nights, watching fire works,singing (esp. in the shower), white roses, perfume, , recieving flowers, feeling confident, breakfast on Sunday morning, sleeping (sleeping in esp.), sushi, brushing my teeth, being clean, drinking with my friends, camp fires, ??redbull / Tito’s vodka sometimes corona (w/ plenty of lime the beach when it's hot, laughing on the inside haha, the beach at night, palm trees, the woods, going up in the mountains,snowboarding, snow in the mountains, dancing, being sexy, laughing, roadtrips, being lazy, flip flops, watching movie, cuddling, swimming at night, everything white, soft pillows, black eye liner, candles, chocolate, long and warm baths with candles, my belly button ring, helping people, smiling, hugs, long kisses, holding hands, white teeth, dreaming, deep sleeps, being random, doing whatever I feel like, living in the moment, being by my self, silence, trying to draw, gum (it has to be pepppermint!), kisses on my neck,Music, Deftones, Alice and Chains thunderstorms, rain at night, LIVING LIFE.

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