kbaseball: Looking a Dance Partner, honesty, funny, happy!
Não com Normal tipo físico
Colonial heights, Virginia
50 year old Mulher, 173cm, Cristã - outra
Branca/Caucasiana, Libra
kbaseball quer sair e conhecer mas nada sério.
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Event with %u201cAXE%u201d GOING FOR THE GOLD. March 2018

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Send a message. I will NOT look at meet me request! . I also do not answer people with no photo! It’s weird!

I love sports, hockey, baseball and football, Hurricanes, Cowboys,braves! I'd rather be at the game. I love dancing and very good at it. I can do any kinds of dancing. Today's Country first choice, although, I am good at salsa, free style, ball room, etc! The beach and Salt air! How can it get better! I love my family, I hope you do, as well. Life is too short for drama and arguing. Not me at all. Love making people laugh. Love comedy clubs! It says dating nothing serious but I'm open to whatever happens just didn't want to say I'm seeking marriage. Sounds like you can't wait. Just me.

Actively in school for another degree. I'm a lifetimer in school. Lol. Never too old to learn!

Any Tall Cowboys our there that can dance!! ?? I prefer tall guys as I am 5’8”. Tall for a girl.

It amazes me how guys talk about how nice they are but...then you send them a message, not even a thank you for sending the message! So if you are one of those, move on! It's called common courtesy!
Also, if you aren’t interested in someone, please tell them, instead of ignoring them, we aren’t mind readers!
No one has my permission to use anything I spoke about or any person I spoke about in conversation on this site. If you do, you will be prosecuted! Also, I'm not dumb, I recognize you scammers in the first text so leave me alone!

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
I think first date should be a quick chat with coffee or tea. Doesn't take long to know if there is chemistry!

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