1BlessPrincess: "Beautiful Minds Inspire Together. "~AmAzinGly Moi
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??????, Virginia
38 year old Mulher, 170cm, Batista
Negra/Afro-descendente, Câncer
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I'm actually new to this site and I've never done nothing like this before a friend said to try it and so here I am.. I will say Im still very unsure if this is for me.. To be honest I do just fine without it.. But I'll try anything once.. I just came out of a Longggg relationship... I don't do the bars and the club scene.
I'm a working student.
My "2" children are My World!!!
I'm very genuine loyal understanding non judgmental, Classy and very Motivated.. Respectful, adventurous and Very goal oriented.. I'm Encouraging, uplifting Funny and patient.
I LOVE to Laugh, Im super friendly and truly a sweetheart by nature with a bubbly personality.
Im Focused on my family and my education!
And Im looking for the same in you.
Skies the Limit!
If your seeking a FWB keep seeking. If Your Married or have a Girlfriend Get Off my line and DONT WASTE MY TIME!!!!
I'm not on here for Sex nor am I selling Sex. I don't do nude pics and Please I dont wish to see any of yours!
I have CLASS and I know My Worth as well should you!
Now With ALL that being said lol REAL Potential Interests ONLY. If your (K)razy, Deranged or Disrespectful you will be blocked!!
I do have more pics just ask..TtyS.. ** PS Your safe fellas to know I'm ALL 1,000,000% WOMAN Stamped! Lol..its a shame a woman has to prove their a WOMAN because of all the Deception on this site..uggh its sickening and annoying!

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
Just be Honest!
"Your looks may get my attention an have Me Mesmerized but your Heart an Mind will keep Me Tantalized...

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