IamGwen: Curvy... & hellova cute :)
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Mount airy, Maryland
38 year old Mulher, 170cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana, Gêmeos
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Sobre Gwen
ive been on here for too long.
I'm a country girl, born and raised, I like anything outdoors. I'm not.a sports junky... I enjoy watching games and going to events but I can't spurt out stats or names.

I love the arts, and enjoy listening to music. I take pleasure in the little things in life. I'm not high maintenance (I get it my pictures suggest otherwise- judge me if you like)
I don't have a whole crap ton of pics taken by others- when I'm out with my friends we are usually disconnecting from phones and technology.

The type of men I'm attracted to:
-Secure (mentally)

I like to dress up.. Heels, hose/fishnets, dresses, I'm not big on cold weather.

I also enjoy hard work and the results from my accomplishments.

I work full time and have my kids, so I do the mom thing... But get evenings and weekends out when I make plans.

I work to live, I don't live to work. Vacations are a must... Even if spent at home.

What I like to do (so you don't need to ask)
Take long walks, sing, dance, hang out with friends, drive, hike, go to the ocean, jet ski, swim(usually when I fall off said jet ski) draw, read, mow grass, work on my car, cook, go places. (I have only listed some of the things I've done in the past 6 months)

Primeiro Encontro
something different, out of the ordinary.... we can even pick up coffee on the way! ;-)

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